No area in France, Europe and even in the world compares to the Murtoli region. With the unlimited ocean, unending mountains, the valley where the river meanders and some little houses and sheepfolds peeking out here and there among the hillsides, undergrowth and beaches, Murtoli is the most surprising region ever to be offered to a visitor.

Deeper into the landscape, the more surprising both the wild and rustic natural display is. It is vastness in the distance and tranquillity ahead. There are the cultivated fields, lazy herds, tranquil countryside, interspersing plains and hills with very few houses, cabins, caretakers… overlooking the coasts, the untouched beaches and the sea.

A dream become reality by the desire of a man who knew how to combine the farmer’s and shepherd’s work with that of the host. How surprising it is that these patrician houses and beautiful sheepfolds of many centuries, restored in the deepest respect and which, surrounded by the invitations of the ocean and the land, are accompanied by such exceptional service and supply.

The secret of holidays in the middle of nowhere, of precious return to the elements, of ever-renewed emotions, of infinite pleasures : beaches, hunting, sea-fishing, horse-riding, fitness, hiking, golf, explorations, gastronomy…

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