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A domain like no other in the world. Murtoli is authentic and exceptional. It took a man with will and passion to bring the Murtoli dream to life. Murtoli owes it to a local boy, who brought this natural heritage site back to life while perpetuating the memory of the domain and of his ancestors. The Domaine de Murtoli is going beyond the simple idea of agritourism associated with a hotel, it can only define itself as a unique concept.

Frequently Asked Questions

30 minutes from Figari Airport / 1:40 hours from Ajaccio / 2:50 hours from Bastia / 4:00 hours from Calvi.

Paul Canarelli received the farm land as a family legacy. And it was in 1994 that he complemented the work of agriculture to hospitality, opening the Domaine de Murtoli. When before there were only ruins, now there are villages and upscale rustic-style accommodations amidst spectacular hideaways.

2021 – With the opening of the Hotel de la Ferme, inside the farm.

20 villas (17th century shepherds’ houses) and 9 rooms & suites.

Views vary between mountains, valleys and the sea.

Almost every villa has its own private pool and only Alivu and Albitru villas doesn’t, but they have direct access to the private beach. For guests from the Hotel de La Ferme, there is a main swimming pool with 20 meters.

Yes. Murtoli is a farm with an area of ​​2,500 hectares, surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and turquoise waters. The distance to the beach depends on the location of your villa, ranging from 5 minutes walking to 20 minutes by car.

3 Restaurants – La Table de la Ferme: gourmet restaurant that emphasizes regional delicacies. La Table de la Plage: with a Mediterranean cuisine and beautiful views of the sea, among the olive trees. La Table de la Grotte: inside a natural cave, with panoramic terraces and traditional recipes from Corsica.

Yes. With NUCCA products, a 100% natural treatment line with premium and traditional ingredients from the island as: Maquis and Immortelle essential oils.

Yes. With 500 sq m, the Spa signed by Nucca offers organic products. It has 7 treatment rooms, sauna, manicure service, hairdresser and tea room.

Inside the Domaine de Murtoli there is its famous natural golf course with 12-holes: Murtoli Golf Links. Among other activities, it is possible to take guided trails to get to know the flora and the archaeological sites of the property, harvest directly from the hotel garden, cooking classes, wine tasting, horseback riding, kayak, paddle board, pilates, yoga, and enjoy the beautiful beach.

Diving, fishing, boat tours, hiking, among others.